an annual report for the world’s finest minds

Following the success of last year’s annual report, we have been reappointed by the Institut Laue-Langevin to design their 2015 publication. The research institute is the world’s flagship centre for neutron research with 1,500 researchers from 40 different countries conducting over 800 experiments each year.

Each year the annual report brings together the highlights of this world-class research for a prestigious audience of academics, peers and funders. The report is the flagship publication produced by the research institute and plays an important part in their communication strategy.

Throughout the coming months Morton Ward will work closely with the ILLs team in Grenoble, France across the design and production of the annual report. We will manage the complete delivery of this project: from the creation of design concepts and production of finished artwork to careful proofing checking and print management. In support of the flagship printed publication, we will also deliver a digital ‘flipbook’ of the annual report. Working with content from a diverse range of academic sources, our focus will again be on delivering an informative, engaging and world-class publication.