cairngorms nature

cairngorms national park

Close up of inside front cover fold-out and typography

The Cairngorms National Park is Britain’s largest national park. It is a special place for wildlife and is home to a quarter of the UK’s endangered species. Throughout the park, many organisations and individuals are involved in important conservation work. To co-ordinate this activity the National Park Authority launched ‘Cairngorms Nature’ and commissioned us to design the first five-year action plan.

Close up shot of photography and pull quote design treatment

Internal layout balancing high quality photography and copy


This important publication communicates the Authority’s conservation priorities across the park and encourages organisations to become involved and work in support of these objectives. Our design presented their vision for the park through breath-taking landscape and wildlife photography. This was married with aspirational copy that set out the objectives of the strategy, the importance of working in partnership and the benefits of what would be achieved.

Spread design with beautiful photography and bright spaces for text

Internal spread designed to balance text and photography

Full text spread with table in Cairngorms brand colours