Elasmogen, a multi-award winning spin-out company from the University of Aberdeen, is a young biotechnology company focused on progressing sight-saving therapies for inflammatory eye disease through the use of soloMER™s.

We became involved with Elasmogen during its early beginnings through our work with the Converge Challenge. We were commissioned to develop a bright, modern identity system, brand strategy and website to establish Elasmogen’s presence as a credible, professional and growing organisation.




In creating their brand identity and logo, the central element of the design is inspired by the iris in the human eye, creating a clear link to the activity, expertise and story of the company and its products. This graphic device was carried through the logo and combined with Corbel – a simple, neat font to offset the complexity of the spirograph. A vibrant colour palette was developed to accompany this and inject energy into the brand. We created a simple set of brand guidelines to ensure the brand is applied consistently wherever it appears.

Following this we designed a website for the company to further establish their position within the sector. The spirograph element of the identity is used as an overlay to the photography on the homepage keeping brand elements at the heart of the design. The Elasmogen colour palette is used to add vibrancy to drop down menus and corresponding pages, while remaining on brand.