Initial sketch designing the infographic layout

We have worked successfully with the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) on a number of projects now, and when they required the design of an important new infographic to present to the Scottish Government, they came to us.

Close up sketches showing initial design of icons used in the infographics

 Photograph of the coast line for inspiration of infographic design

Further sketches showing the design process of creating the icons

Final icon designs created by our design team

The initial project was the design of a single infographic, highlighting key facts and figures about SEPA to explain their role and importance, but upon review we quickly determined the level of information was too much for a single graphic and would have more impact and communicate more effectively if it were broken down into a series of infographics.

We worked with the SEPA team to determine their key points, which were then created as a single infographic providing an overview, along with four supporting graphics providing in-depth detail on specific areas of their work such as air quality, flooding and waste management.

Selection of close ups showing details from sections of the infographics

Each graphic used bespoke illustration created in-house to establish a consistent look and feel across the series. The overall design preserves the interconnected nature of the organisation’s work across rural and urban environments.

The result was a visually engaging and informative suite of graphics for SEPA that quickly conveyed their role, areas of impact and importance in the continued protection of the Scottish environment.

A selection of icons designed for the infographic

Photograph used for inspiration in creating part of the infographics

Final design of the main info graphic for presenting to the Scottish Government