sunergos innovations

Final logo design

A spinout from Edinburgh Bio Quarter’s commercialisation team, Sunergos Innovations is a leading early-round commercialisation and investment advisory company. In establishing a new company in a competitive sector it was important to develop an engaging new brand and supporting marketing materials.

A selection of sketches from the logo and brand development process

Poster with detailed sector break down making full use of the brand colour palette

Sunergos came to us early after their inception, looking for a bold new identity to set them apart from their parent and competitors. The brand needed to be strong enough to quickly establish Sunergos as a new key player, as well as confident enough to set them apart within their sector.

sketches showing the progression and refining of the 'S' logo

Working closely with them, we looked at business strategy, objectives and industry to better understand their difference and outlook, before hosting focus groups to research and define the key themes and messages that set the foundations of the brand.

The outcome of this is a bold, impactful colour palette – a far cry from the expectations of the sector; combined with a logo created from a bold, strong typeface connotative of turning corners and striving forward – it challenges any preconceived expectations from a commercialisation company.

Logo reproduction as set out in the brand guidelines

Vibrant colour palette created to help the company to stand out Selection of branded stationery including business cards and letter heads

It was decided to utilise the colour palette to enhance the overall look and feel of the imagery. Unique images are created using a bespoke mosaic style with colours chosen from the established palette, creating an impact to set the company apart from the usually conservative marketing of the sector.

Vibrant imagery creating to best use the colour palette

Bright colours applied to imagery in consistent, stand-out treatment

Branding and imagery applied to a range of digital channels

The Sunergos newsletter viewed on a mobile device