the big 9

cairngorms national park

Big 9 logo

The Cairngorms National Park Authority came to us for help with branding and raising awareness of their major 2016 public consultation programme, to gather information for their national park partnership plan and local development. The Park Authority recognised that getting the public involved would require a compelling campaign to engage a range of key audiences, from Board members and stakeholders to younger families and children living and working in the area.

With nine major topics set out within three categories – Conservation, Visitor Experience and Rural Development – we developed the concept of ‘The Big 9’, featuring large orange numbers set within the stunning scenery of the Cairngorms Park to highlight each of the main areas under consultation.





This dramatic visual contrast captured attention and created interest among the target audiences. Each number was combined with a setting reflective of the issue it represented, giving the campaign diversity, while The Big 9 logo and accompanying hashtag – #BigParkBigQuestions – kept everything consistent.





The design treatment we developed was applied to a wide range of digital and print channels to maximise the reach of the campaign and engagement levels from the varied audience. Social media pages, infographics and a consultation document highlight just a few of the deliverables we produced for the campaign.