institut laue-langevin

ILLs 2014 Annual Report cover design

Insight into the extensive proof reading process for this annual report

The Institute Laue-Langevin (ILL) is the world’s leading facility in neutron science and technology. Hundreds of the world’s leading academics and researchers travel to the facility in Grenoble each year to conduct groundbreaking experiments. Following an invitation to pitch from The Science and Technology Facilities Council, we were asked to design the institute’s Annual Report.

Internal layout for section introduction, with the cover design pattern continued

The Annual Report details the results of experiments conducted during the year making this an important and prestigious publication for the institute. Our design approach captured this perfectly, carefully balancing clean typography and white space with the complexities of reporting on scientific experiments.

Care and attention was given to the management of information and the proof reading of the report as every scientific result had to be replicated correctly. The report also saw us create a complex, technical schematic of the reactor and research facilities that called on our creative team’s eye for detail and technical expertise.


Reactor diagram, redrawn by our design team Close up shot of the front cover design

Internal layout design showing balance of tables, graphs and body copy

Further clean, internal layout balancing data with text