A new brand identity for pioneers helping crop yields thrive


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The Challenge

Enhance MycoNourish’s reputation and clarify the services on offer to customers, partners and investors.

The Outcome

A refined and streamlined visual identity implemented across printed and digital applications.

Pioneering microbes

Our global population is growing at an exponential rate. By 2050, it’s estimated to reach somewhere between 8 and 10 billion people and as things stand today, chronic hunger and malnutrition already play a massive part in the lives of many.

Companies like MycoNourish are tackling this problem head-on by developing innovative solutions to reliably and sustainably increase crop yield. By using microbes known as ‘mycorrhizal fungi’ that are tailored to meet the exact needs of the plant in question, more beneficial interactions take place at root level and growing conditions are radically enhanced without the costly introduction of phosphate fertilisers to the soil. Through MycoNourish’s products, crop yields are improved both in terms of quality and quantity. A game-changer, given the importance of sustainable agricultural and food resource.

Developing the brand

MycoNourish was preparing for another round of investor funding and a B2B market launch in Europe when they decided to take another look at their branding. They needed an identity that came across as credible, innovative and capable and one which would appeal to investors as well as propagators and growers. 

The new branding also needed to have an element of future-proofing. MycoNourish intended to become a well-established company in the marketplace with numerous long-term partnerships. Plus, the identity had to be flexible enough to allow for the inclusion of future products and market extension into other crops. 


We took a look at MycoNourish’s backstory, long-term goals, competitors and the wider industry to get a better grasp of the target market. Companies that perform best, including those in the agriculture industry, tend to have one thing in common: clear, concise and consistent brand positioning that resonates with customers on a rational and emotional level. After agreeing on a refreshed brand strategy, we turned to the visual identity. 

The old logo was given a more contemporary feel through a bold typeface and streamlined icon. The leaf element was retained for ease of recognition, but a new, almost symmetrical configuration makes the company appear stable and established. The strapline was reworked slightly for a better impact and we laid out a primary colour set for use across digital and printed applications.  

The final result is a renewed brand that comes across as sophisticated and experienced.

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