International PET Prize Challenges

Branding a US-UK government technology innovation competition


No. 12396 | Brand


Design branding for US-UK prize challenges to advance privacy-enhancing technologies.


A strong brand inspired by data security and a suite of editable marketing templates.

US-UK government prize challenges

Privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) have the potential to help democratic societies by enabling organisations to share and collaboratively analyse sensitive data in a way that preserves privacy. This could help governments tackle urgent issues such as preventing financial crime and helping to better forecast and respond to pandemics, while still preserving citizens’ right to privacy.

We were tasked by Innovate UK with creating the branding for bilateral prize challenges where world-leading experts compete for cash prizes, encouraging the development of innovative solutions that address real-world problems and data privacy concerns. Launched by President Biden, the project saw us working with a range of international organisations and stakeholders, including the White House.


Design and concepts

We designed a series of visual concepts for the prize challenges based around perceptions of data security, encryption, protection and privacy. The design chosen used blurred circles to represent the obscuring of identifiable characteristics needed to protect individuals’ privacy when analysing data.

Following this concept, we provided a new logo, colour palette and brand guidelines for the prize challenges and a suite of marketing assets including digital avatars, social media assets, email banners, video panels, and a PowerPoint presentation deck. We designed editable templates for all assets, so the client could adapt them for their needs

The winners for the prize challenges were presented at Summit for Democracy 2023, a virtual summit hosted by the US. The winning solutions combined different PETs to allow the AI models to learn to make better predictions without exposing any sensitive data.

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